Bitcoin mining difficulty surges 31% since July

Cryptocurrency mining is becoming increasingly difficult as the hash rate of Bitcoin networks continues to increase as global miners gain more capacity.

According to data from blockchain explorer, the Bitcoin network posted another adjustment to the mining issue on Tuesday, rising 3.2% to nearly 19 trillion in difficulty.

The latest adjustments show that Bitcoin (BTC) mining problems have increased five times in a row since mid-July, an increase of more than 31%, about 13.7 trillion, the lowest since June 2020. The difficulty level.

A new positive adjustment is a group of four consecutive problems that began at the end of May with a decline of almost 16% in the fight against China for environmental, social and corporate governance concerns about Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency mining. Continue to.

Despite five positive adjustments going on, Bitcoin's current mining difficulty is still far from its peak of over 25 billion in May 2021.

Top 10 Bitcoin Mining Trouble Organization.

Bitcoin mining difficulty is a measure of how difficult it is to mine blocks of Bitcoin, the higher the difficulty, the more computing power you have to validate transactions and mine new coins. You will need. Bitcoin is programmed to adjust itself to maintain a target block time of 10 minutes, so difficulty adjustments will be made every 2016 blocks, or approximately every two weeks.

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