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Bitcoin vs Ethereum has been a very popular debate among cryptocurrency fans. Those who believe in Bitcoin say that it is the most secure way to store your coins, while those who prefer Ethereum will argue that its smart contracts are more powerful and useful than Bitcoin's simple scripting language. Now, there is an interesting new blog called "" which showcases the strengths of both cryptocurrencies in detail.

The is a newly created blog and was launched not so long ago. This isn't going to be your typical crypto blog. All too often cryptocurrency material can become boring after a while. In order to achieve the goal of making it interesting, the blog created a contact form embed in the blog, A feature where users could ask him questions and have them answered by writing their own stories from the perspective of either bitcoin or Ethereum. If they have a good conclusion about there perspectives instead of a question about the debate, they might score themselves a featured guest post posted by the blogger himself credited to them.

The bitcoin vs ethereum blog was not what you would expect, as it had a very clear purpose for its existence. It’s been five years since the famous phrase about both being unstoppable and irreplaceable came to be. A lot has happened in those 5 years including Ethereum making some major changes and Bitcoin experiencing large fluctuations with its price. With this, many people have developed their own thoughts and opinions on which is better.

Cryptocurrencies are one of the hottest topics in finance these days. Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world, but what is their difference? Some people think that Bitcoin has a much larger following than Ethereum because it was first to market. However, there are some other key differentiators between bitcoin and Ethereum too. I'll go through them here:

1) The founder of Bitcoin is anonymous; whereas, the founder of Ethereum is known as Vitalik Buterin.

2) Bitcoin mining rewards occur at random intervals; whereas, mining rewards for ether happen every 12 seconds (on average). This means if you joined when mining started on January 3rd 2017 you would have received Ether way before.

The Ethereum blockchain has been an exciting advancement in the world of cryptocurrency. However, now that it is a household name many people are wondering who's better: bitcoin or Ethereum? The answer to this question may not be as simple as you think.

Back in 2009, when bitcoin was still a small baby and Ethereum had yet to be conceived, the phrase "bitcoin vs Ethereum" didn't exist. Now that we're all grown up and kids these days have their own favorite cryptocurrency of choice, there's no shortage of content on this topic. And now with the introduction of a blog with live chart widgets to compare them side-by-side, it's never been more fun! The tool allows you to input any amount of money and see how much will theoretically grow over time given your investment strategy. It then calculates how many years until you reach that goal or lose everything. Apparently investing in bitcoin is a risky endeavor because you could either become rich or get nothing at all.

With the explosion of popularity for blockchain technology, many have started to debate on which is better - bitcoin or Ethereum? These two cryptocurrencies are considered to be the founders of this new era in finance. Bitcoin was first released as open-source software in 2009 and has set a clear precedent for what cryptocurrency should look like. However, Ethereum burst onto the scene with their innovative smart contract system that has enabled it to do things that other cryptocurrencies can't even dream of doing. So which one is superior?

For years, there was a debate over whether bitcoin or ethereum would eventually win the largest share of ICOs. One day, their rivalry came to an unexpected end when Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin published his latest blog post on Medium with this note:

"I am hereby retiring from all my duties at Ethereum." He continued "From now on I will be contributing only minimal bug fixes and improvements so that the community can keep moving forward without me." This immediately caused turmoil throughout the crypto world. Thousands of traders were in disbelief as they watched their investments drop in response to Vitalik's decision. The media quickly jumped on board with sensationalist headlines like "Ethereum Faces Uncertain Fate". Even before Vitalik's announcement.

The story of this blog came from a fascinating mind of a bitcoin and ethereum enthusiast. This blogger always do the research and read new things that are discussed about cryptocurrencies. One day the blogger did a google search about the two of the biggest cryptocurrencies today(Bitcoin and Ethereum) and found out that there's more than 100 million people talking about them. The blogger thought of an idea of making a permanent place online talking about these two giants of the cryptocurrency world. The blogger searched on a domain registrar platform if the domain name of these phrase "bitcoin vs ethereum" is still available. The blogger was surprised that these words combined together on a domain name is available.

And that's where a new blog is born. The blogger used the domain name to create a blog that will focus on this topic forever. The blog will be forever be known as "the blog of the titans".

This blog is the place to go if you want to know about the latest in digital currency. With articles, videos and podcasts you can't get enough information on bitcoin and ethereum.

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